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SUNLIGHT Cliff 600

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  • Model Cliff 600
  • Distribution Transversal bed with garage
  • Engine FIAT 2.2 L 140 CV
  • Licence / MAW B / 3500kg
  • Location Alicante
  • Places to sleep 3 places
  • Places to travel 4 places
  • Places to eat 4 places
  • Length x width x height (cm) 599 x 205 x 270

The Sunlight Cliff Campervan is the perfect choice for couples who are looking for a spacious, modern campervan that’s jam-packed with the latest technology. The layout is both practical and functional, featuring a double bed at the end of the cabin and a dinette that can seat two people – or four if you swivel-turn the two front chairs. The bathroom is a good size with a toilet and shower. The Sunlight Cliff boasts excellent storage at the rear, with enough space for all your gear and valuables.

Vehicle make SUNLIGHT
Vehicle model Cliff 600
Type of vehicle Camper Van
Sleeping places 3 places
Travelling places 4 places
Dining places 4 places
Licence Category B
Maximum authorised weight 3500 Kg
Length (cm) 599 cm
width (cm) 205 cm
height (cm) 270 cm
Vehicle engine FIAT 2.2 L 140 CV

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